Brand Guidelines

We have created some guidelines, to help you use our brand and assets without having to negotiate legal agreements every time.
To make any use in a way not covered by these guidelines, please contact us and include a visual mockup or detailed description of the intended use.

Logo Components

The PSM logo is well known and respected worldwide, please use it correctly and consistently, according to the provided guidelines. The Logo consists of the following components:

Letters: PSM
Space: A space between the letters and the outline.
Outline: A closing border around the letters and the outline.

The Basics

Only use the PSM logo in blue, white or grey colors.
Display the logo only in the forms specified in this guidelines.
Use the logo in its complete form only (Letters, Space & Outline)
Follow our clear space and size guidance.
Only use artwork or files we provide with our Brand Kit.

Do not alter, rotate or modify the logo.
Do not animate the logo.
Do not anthropomorphize the logo.
Do not use previous versions of the logo.

When referring to PSM in text, always use uppercase characters: PSM
When posting on social media or tagging PSM related content online, please use one the following hashtags: #psmfactory | #psmrc

Never use the PSM logo as your own.
Please don’t incorporate the PSM Brand in whole or in part, in the name of your company, product, service, website, domain name, application or website without permission.

Clear Space and Size

Maintaining a clean and uncluttered space around the PSM logo maximizes its visual impact. Setting a minimum size helps to ensure the logo is always legible.
Make sure to display the logo not any smaller than 30 pixels high for web and 8mm high for print applications.

The free space between the left and right side of the logo and the next graphic must be minimum 1x the logo height.

The free space between the top and bottom of the logo and the next graphic must be minimum 1x the logo height.

The logo size is 260 x 61,5 pixels.
So you need to arrange a free space around all sides of the logo (left, right, bottom, top) of minimum 61,5 pixels.

The minimum display size of our logo is: 126,8 x 30 pixels or 33,8 x 8 mm


The PSM logo must be always displayed in either blue, white or grey.
When placing the logo over an image or any other dark backgrounds, always use the white logo version. We suggest to apply a 15-25% black tint to the entire background to maintain legibility of the white logo.

Blue Logo on White Background

White Logo on Blue Background

Grey Logo on White Background

Additional Information

PSM requires that you conform to these Guidelines in your use of any Brand features. We may modify these Guidelines at any time and your continued use of the Brand features will constitute your consent to such modifications. PSM has complete discretion in determining if your use violates any of the Guidelines.

If you would like to make use of the Brand features in a manner not within the following Guidelines, you must seek our prior written permission by submitting a visual mockup or detailed description of the intended use.

For assistance in understanding these Guidelines, please contact us.

Brand Kit

The Brand Kit includes all necessary PSM branding.
Please do not change any style or color, proportional resizing according to your requirements is allowed.

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