Made with Passion.

Peter Scheuenpflug Manufacturing Co.


Enhance or Innovate the performance of radio controlled models and accessories.


Efficiency. Integrity. Passion. Quality. Respect. Responsibility.


Manufacturing advanced performance and superior quality products with great value.

Established in 1994 to serve the demand for option parts, the Peter Scheuenpflug Manufacturing Company has been growing into one of the leading manufacturing companies within the radio control hobby industry. Over the past years PSM has always been primarily hidden from the spotlights as contracted manufacturer and driving force behind some famous products and projects. We have worked with almost every small or big name within the industry, so chances are good that you have already owned a product manufactured from us.

As a manufacturer we are able to keep almost all production steps in-house, this results in better quality control, faster market adaption and special manufacturing services. Backed by our 20+ years expertise and the love for details and quality, we design and research a variety of products every single day and make sure you will receive the quality product you deserve.

“We are passionate in what we do and we love to share this passion with our customers.”

Peter Scheuenpflug – (CEO)

“When designing a product, we always strive to combine performance and aesthetics.”

Stefan Scheuenpflug – (CTO)

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