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To avoid misunderstandings and to receive appropriate warranty or service coverage, please read and fully understand the following warranty and service terms.

The following warranty and service terms are voluntary provided by the Peter Scheuenpflug Manufacturing Co., Ortsstr. 36, 93354 Biburg, Germany, (hereinafter referred as “PSM”), for each product (the “Product”) sold via the website www.psmfactory.com (the “Website”) or our official resellers (the “Reseller”). The term (“Owner”) is referred to you, the consumer.

1) Global Standard Warranty

The global standard warranty is in addition to, and not instead of, rights provided by consumer law and consumers have the right to choose whether to claim service under the warranty or under their consumer rights law. For further information about consumer law, please contact your local consumer organization.

PSM hereby warrants that the product, for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery trough PSM or an official reseller, is without defects in materials and workmanship if the Product is used in accordance with the published guidelines from PSM for the specific Product, including the user manuals and technical specifications subject to the limitations set forth in this document.

The global standard warranty only applies to the Product you purchased for your own use and not for resale. The warranty period will not extend if the product is resold. Written notice of any defect must be received by PSM within thirty (30) days from the date of original delivery. Please note that consumable Products are reasonably expected to be used up or damaged during use.

The Global Standard Warranty will cover:
– Material defects (Optical surface errors)
– Workmanship mistakes (Missing parts)
– Workmanship failures (Not fitting parts)

The Global Standard Warranty will not cover:
– Non-Optical Material defects.
– Inappropriate use (such as but no limited to: vandalized damage, durability tests etc.)
– Damage or loss in transit.
– Normal wear including the results of fatigue.

All other defects or errors not listed above, will not be covered by the warranty.

2) Damage Replacement Service (DRS)

If your PSM Product has been involved in an unfortunate crash or accident or you have damaged it by yourself, our damage replacement service (DRS) gets you covered. This is an optional service you can claim during the standard warranty period or the limited lifetime warranty period for every new PSM Product that was registered online within thirty (30) days from the date of original delivery. It qualifies you to get the damaged product replaced* at 50% off the current german retail price (MSRP). Shipping charges will apply.

* You are qualified to replace the damaged product for one-time only. After replacing it, no further claims can be made to the original or the replacement product.

If the service is claimed for an „out of stock“ or „discontinued“ product, PSM may provide you a similar or updated replacement or has the right to refuse the DRS claim. 
To claim your damage replacement please visit: https://www.psmfactory.com/damage-replacement/

3) Limited Lifetime Warranty

Some specific PSM products receive a limited lifetime warranty. This limited lifetime warranty will cover the same terms as the global standard warranty, but will receive a different warranty period depending on the product.

This warranty is not meant to suggest or imply that the product will stop working or last within that timeframe only. The limited lifetime warranty indicates the minimum working lifetime for products that are designed for or exposed to heavy stress or harsh conditions. Depending on the use or care the product receives, the real lifetime can be way beyond the indicated lifetime.

The limited lifetime is indicated on the product packing label (located near the barcode) as a single number which is explained as follows:

1 = one (1) month / 2 = two (2) months / 3 = three (3) months / 6 = six (6) months

Liability Limitations

All warranty or service claims must be exclusively submitted to PSM.
 There are no warranties or services that extend beyond the description on the face of the warranties or services stated above. Any other warranties or services are expressly excluded.

 PSM shall in no event be liable for incidental or consequential losses, damages or expenses in connection with its products. PSM’s liability is expressly limited to the replacements of its own products or, at PSM’s election, to the repayment of an amount equal to the purchase price of the product in question.

Warranty claim procedure

For any warranty claim to be considered, please complete the form below and do not send-in your PSM product unless you have received an official authorization from us. A shipment that was received without a prior authorization can not be processed.

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