Battery Positioning System V2 w/O-Ring – B6.1 (Set)

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Designed for B6.1 / B6 (Laydown)
3.00mm Carbon Composite
Key Advantage = Performance
DRS qualified (more)
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This battery positioning system was designed to hold the battery securely in place while maintaining the option to move it forward and backwards. We have added the feature to hold it down with the included industrial o-rings to achieve an incredible clean look and super quick battery changes.

The braceless design will allow a greater amount of linear torsion around the center area, this means the car can develop more overall traction. We recommend this system for 17.5T or stock drivers in general using the Laydown configuration. (It will work for modified as well, but may feel a little twitchy at higher speeds / fast sweeping corners due to the amount of torsion. However, depending on your personal preference or driving style it may feel just right!)

Technical Specifications

Designed for

Team Associated B6.1 / B6 (Laydown)


Carbon Composite - 3.00mm


15.00g (total)


stepless or fixed battery positioning

O-Ring Design

super quick battery changes

Low Profile

and super lightweight

In the Box

2x Carbon Positioning Brace

1x Steel Screw Kit

2x Industrial Rubber O-Ring

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Weight15.00 g
Part Number


GTIN Number



Team Associated – B6.1 / B6


Carbon Composite


Carbon Weave – Black



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